Personal Cosmetics

Farmacia Parati Medical Personal Cosmetics is our division dedicated to developing and packaging cosmetic lines for the aesthetic industry's companies.
It offers a wide range of personalized cosmetics produced in full service:
- Face Line
- Growth Factor Cosmetic Line
- Body Line
- Cosmetic Masks Line

You have the idea, we'll take care of everything else. Our goal is to provide a full professional service to deliver a customized product ready for sale.
We are able to customize and manufacture the chosen products, as you want them, so that they reflect your image and your brand.

Once shared with the customer the basic specifications, we take care of the selected product's development for each step of the production: manufacturing, corporate identity (if necessary with Product logo and corporate identity package design), packaging production (with offset printing and possible plasticization), final testing.

Thanks to our production department and to synergy with specialized partners in the development of graphics and packaging we can also handle orders of small quantities.
The customer is not constrained to purchase large quantity for each item but it can test new customized product lines. Choosing our products means choosing simplicity, innovation and effectiveness.

Our attention to manufacturing is utmost thanks to the quality of raw materials, the strict security protocols, and the final product's high degree of tolerability. Each manufactured goods is tested and studied in detail by a highly specialized team always updated with innovation and modern cosmetology. In fact the constant professional updating is a priority for us because we always want our products to be the best.